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Soni Dies Makers - Goldsmith, Jewelry Making Machines, Die Machineries & Tools

GOLDSMITHS - This has been the profession of our Ancestors since almost a decade. The skills that go into the making of this profession have been handed down the line of hierarchy. Naturally, these skills have been continuously polished over the years and the end result is definitely outstanding. Our Forefathers started off with manufacturing small utility Dies, but today we can proudly state that we have manufactured more than 500 types of Dies, Tools & Machinery for jewellery making.

We are basically one of the leading Manufacturers/Exporters of all kinds of jewellery making machines. Diamond Tools, Connecting Accessories and equipment for the last 25 years. Today, we are exporting different models of Jewelry Making Machine to various companies both in the national and international market. We are pioneers in the following products:

  • All types of Manual & Motorised Rolling Machine.
  • Various types of Strip Cutters & Wire Drawing Machine.
  • Diamond Cut Faceting Machine.
  • Chain Making Machines & toolings.
  • Machinery for Hollow Tube Forming.
  • Vibrator Drum, Magnetic Polisar & Buffing Machine For Polishing.
  • Small Hand Operated Machines.
  • Emboss, Cutting, Stamping Dies.
  • Tube Dies, Mandrels , and Wire Drawing Dies.
  • Precision, Tooling & Dies for Chain Making Machine.
  • Diamond Faceting Tools, Fly Wheel, Hammer Pin, Wire Dies.
  • Other Special Purpose Machines and Dies and Tools

Our Tool room includes the latest CNC Machineries and an ultra-modern R & D Division with all the latest equipment. Hence we are now on the threshold of being recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Jewelry Making Machines, Equipment, Tools & Dies in India.

For all the above machines we provide the technical know-how, we give advice on the type of labor required, on the type of machine tools and equipment required. Since we provide all these services, our clients can achieve the maximum output from their machines.

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