Stamping And Prograssive Dies

Jewellery making Machine

Products >> Chain Making machines
1 Heavy Duty Double Side Wire Rolling Machine-Size 150mm
2 Six Pass Wire Drawing Machine
3 Diamond Wire Drawing Dies – Size 1mm to 0.30mm (15 pcs)
4 Wire Flattening Machine
5 Double Side Strip Cutting Machine (with motor)
6 Different types of Automatic Chain Making Machines
» Single Curb / Double Curb / Cable Chain
» Box (Venetian)
» Fox tail and V chain making machine
» Round Box, BOMBATO & TASO chain making machines
7 Vertical Chain Soldering Machine (Air & LPG Gas) Soldering Powder
8 Heavy Duty Chain Hammering Machine
9 Chain Hammering Dies – Universal type, Block & Block , Square Block etc....

10 Automatic Chain Diamond Cut Facetting Machine,
Automatic chain designing machine,
Round chain cutting & designing machine,
Automatic ball chain faceting machine
11 Electrical Enaling Furnace
Chain Compacting Machine
Round Box Chain Machine
Chain Clipping Machine
Cable, Single / Double Curb
Chain Making Machine
Box (Venetian) Making machine Also Available Side Cut Cable Machine
Wire flattening machine
Hammering machine
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