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Jewellery making Machine

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• Strong suction motor.
• Split lap motor
• EXCLUSIVE wooden formica top with drawer
• Pocket cloth filter of 5 to 10 micron.
• 30 degree angle for maximum visibility
• Foot shaker lever for dusting the dust in tray.
• Inbuilt  silencer for noise reduction
• Locking facility
• DIM : 27” X 23” X 46” (L X B X H).
Polishing Dust Collector
• This dust collector is extremely space efficient.
• For filteration filter traps fine particles of 10 microns.
• Housing is constructed of heavy steel body.
• Suction unit with built in polishing motor.
• The health of the user & environment cleanliness is our
main aim.
• Very silent machine.
• Inbuilt PL tube for lighting.
• Rotary switch for operation.
• Maximum wheel size 4 inches diameter.
Plating Machines available in 4 variants
1. Pen Plating Machine
2. Single Bath Plating Machine
3. Two Bath Plating Machine
4. Three Bath Plating Machine
Its compact bench top unit which does
Gold Plating
Rhodium Plating
Silver Plating
Black, Red & Green Rhodium plating
Nickel Plating
Copper Plating
Flexible Shaft Grinder Kit
Magnetic Polishers available in 2 variants
Vibrator Drum Polishing Machine
Polishing Media for above Machine